It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted here – less so for my wife.

Lots has changed in that time, a great deal of it for the good – but some of it has also been to our permanent sadness.

It was partly in response to the latter that we have decided to return – it might not be as close to the banks of the Severn as we once were – but we will once again be in the places we love, closer to more of the people we love.

Once I thought home meant entirely the space that you grew up in, that carried your memories in its sights and sounds. Once my wife thought it meant the people you were with.  Now we both know it’s a bit of both.

This is all a few months in the future – but we are hopefully on our way.

About Kevin Donnelly

I'm also known as Lawrence George, which is the name I write for Helium under. I think I ought to ditch my pseudonyms before I forget which one is me.
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