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Another reminder that Thoughtcrimes on Nineteen Eighty-Four, my collection of expanded, adapted and occasionally all-new blogposts discussing various aspects of Nineteen Eighty-Four, is on sale for the Kindle from Amazon priced at less than eight cans of Ace.

Also on sale is Class, a silly story about a rubbish teacher.
Here’s a sample of Thoughtcrimes:

The old man, in fact, answers Winston’s question, but he is too stupid to realise it.  Winston has this idea, from a textbook he has read, that the top hat was “the uniform of the capitalists and no one else was allowed to wear it” Winston has no idea whether any of the details in this book are true, including, we must assume this one.  He asks the old man about the top hats.  The old man replies that the last one he saw “must a been fifty year ago” – thus proving the textbooks wrong, as Winston knows that this was twenty years before the revolution.  If Winston had listened more carefully to this, he would realise that the old man is talking about them as an item of fashion, and not as a uniform – but Winston does not press the question.  This is curious because elsewhere Winston holds onto details, such as the photo, whereas here he dismisses the question: but it was proof of the mendacity of the Party.  He knows this already, but one’s relation to an external world is built upon verified details, as he knows.  Winston’s desire to get onto the big picture prevents him understanding the importance of the detail. It was also proof of what he instinctively understands: that the world before the Revolution was not as stratified and oppressive as this world.

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I'm also known as Lawrence George, which is the name I write for Helium under. I think I ought to ditch my pseudonyms before I forget which one is me.
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