Remember, remember….

….The fifth of November 2009. The first time I heard my husband’s voice. ‘Twas a dark and stormy night and I’d just popped into Sainsbury’s to grab a sandwich prior to taking students out to the theatre. It was quite a key moment. I have a bit of a thing about voices, in fact, I managed to string an always doomed long-distance relationship with an American clergyman out for nearly two and a half years just because he sounded – exactly – like Harry Connick Jr. I wasn’t disappointed. TTD has a real Radio 4 voice, the kind of voice that makes you think of log fires, crumpets and Brief Encounter on DVD (though not a Trevor Howard voice, far too robust for that!).

Friday the thirteenth 2009 was pretty good too. Our first date. In a restaurant that has slipped into that abyss we variously call THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS/DIFFICULT FINANCIAL CLIMATE/EURO-ZONE MELTDOWN etc etc. We hit it off, which was just as well as I’d already fallen for him somewhat hopelessly. Unusually though, for me, this love felt anything but hopeless and I felt completely in control of it all. I had often given away too much, too soon, in the past and then had the disquieting sense of a growing inequality between my Beloved’s heart and mine. Not this time though.

This month offers us lots of chances to remember; some silly, some serious, some blog-about-able, some – most definitely –  not. It has coloured this rather dark month for us and given us reason, as a friend said recently on celebrating his seventh wedding anniversary, “to light a candle”.

All this, and fireworks too.


About jemma74

I am espoused to Kevin Donnelly - he of Tin Drummer fame - and, together with our two splendid cats, Grace and Mabel, we share this little slice of heaven down on the Severn... oh, and I also do poetry. Also reading, cooking, drinking and drama teaching not always at once or in that order.
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2 Responses to Remember, remember….

  1. My dad used to say I had a good face for radio….I prefer your version!

  2. Anyhoo…TTD?

    Never ‘eard of ‘im.

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