The Grid Theory of Early 80s Pop

This post will attempt to advance nothing, except the idea of the grid theory of late consensus nightmares. That is: i) the grid is a feature of hypnagogic and hypnopompic imagery.  ii) It is also a feature of new wave music.

Look at the video of Mirror in the Bathroom:



Or the video of Making Plans for Nigel:


-There is no need to confine ourselves to number when reckoning a decade. 1961 is not very sixties; 1999 terribly noughties; 2009 somewhat teenish.


Prince Charming:



Or Einstein a Go Go




Well, regardless of that, there is still –


Thomas Dolby, Hyperactive:


OK, so what’s this about?

Well, it’s absolutely the death of consensus; the inflation nightmare; the coming digital age. The point is this. We believed that we could smooth out the unfashionable curves of life with the perfect angles of digital life. As we move from, say, 1971 into the disastrous 1970s, and we predict -correctly – worse to come in the 1980s – cars and design become sharper and edgier. Life becomes so.

Digital = straight lines.

We don’t believe it anymore, but it’s still true.

Digital = straight lines.


About Kevin Donnelly

I'm also known as Lawrence George, which is the name I write for Helium under. I think I ought to ditch my pseudonyms before I forget which one is me.
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